Khao Shong Coffee was found in 1959 at the Khao (Ka) Shong National Park in Trang Province, southern Thailand. It began when Mr.Chira Chiralerspong, the founder, noticed that wild coffee beans were scattered on both sides of the road. He picked them up and found that they were coffee beans. Mr. Chira, through his experience in observation of coffee production in Indonesia, had collected the wild coffee beans from the park and roasted them in different ways until he found the perfect way to make a perfect cup of coffee with rich aroma and fine taste.

In 1962, Mr. Chira introduced “Khao Shong Coffee” to the market. He used “Khao Shong” as the brand to recollect the place where the coffee beans were originally found. Within a few years, Khao Shong Coffee, with its unique flavor and aroma, became popular and well recognized among the coffee drinkers in Thailand.

In 1975, a coffee roasting factory was first established in Bangkok and with rapid progress in the market,Khao Shong Instant Coffeefactory was finally established in 1979 with an innovation in coffee production allowing successful development of agglomerated instant coffee. It was a breakthrough in the technology of instant coffee production in Thailand that has resulted in Khao Shong being the first and theonly Thai company that is able to produce instant coffeethus far.

Besides the success in developing the advanced instant coffee production technology, Khao Shong is very keen in selecting only the finest and highest quality of the Thai Robusta coffee beans whose sensory characters are unique with their intense aroma and taste. More importantly, Khao Shong is committed to using only domestically grown coffee beans as a mission to support Thai coffee farmers, even though the price of the domestic beans is higher than that of the imported ones.

Khao Shong realizes that consumers’ satisfaction is not only fulfilled by having a great cup of coffee, but also by the fact that their overall expectation is met. Our mission, therefore, is to ensure that our research and development team never stops applying their knowledge & creativity to keep developing new products and innovation that will allow us to be able to keep up with the demands and needs of our fast-changing society both domestically and internationally.
And with our commitment to the highest standard of our product quality, Khao Shong Coffee has received numerous certificates which endorse our standard of operation as well as product quality from

many recognizable internationally certified organizations including GMP, ISO 9001, HACCP, HALAL, and Thailand Trust Mark. The Green Industry and ISO 14001 have also endorsed us for our achievement in having our manufacturing processes environmentally friendly.

Thai Robusta Coffee


Robustatrees are resistant to various climate conditions, however they specifically prefer warmer climates with high humidity where temperature ranges from 20-30 Cº. They can be grown on a plain of an altitude up to 1,200 meters above the sea level. Robusta trees are mostly grown in the southern part of Thailand from Prachuap Khiri Khan province downwards. They are also grown in some northern part of Thailand, i.e. in Uttaradit and Phrae provinces.

Once roasted, Robusta mightbe less aromatic than Arabica, however they contain,approximately,double the caffeine leveland give higher production yield compared to that from Arabica beans.

All Khao Shong coffee products are made from 100% Thai premium Robusta that are grown domestically as we are highly committed to our mission to supportthe Thai farmers for their better income, better livings and, hopefully, Thailand’s economy overall.



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