Khao Shong Celebrate 59th Anniversary with 59 Baht Gold Chain

Khao Shong Celebrate 59th Anniversary with gold chain weight 59 Baht!

Have a chance to win a gold chain giveaway weight 50 Satang (สตางค์) worth 10,000 Baht for each prize.

3 prizes will be giveaways each week, for 26 weeks!

In last week, the biggest prize will be given with gold weight 20 Baht which worth 400,000 for only 1 prize!

In total, all gold giveaway weight 59 Baht for 79 prizes.



Write your name, address and phone number in your handwriting on the paper

and stick it with the empty package of Khao Shong for all size and type of product, except the stick package.

Send it to Address P.O. Box 10 Rungsit, Pathumthani, 12130 from today - 12 December 2018


The winners of next week will be announced on Facebook Live of I Can See Your Voice นักร้องซ่อนแอบ Facebook fan page 

Every Wednesday from 20.00 -21.30 น. (Work Point 23) or Khao Shong Coffee Thailand Facebook

*Winner announcement will start on Wednesday 4 July - 26 December 2018 for 26 weeks.



"59th Anniversary with 59 Baht Gold "

Buy more to have higher chance to win the prize from Khao Shong!



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