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object(WP_Post)#7234 (24) { ["ID"]=> int(679) ["post_author"]=> string(1) "1" ["post_date"]=> string(19) "2021-05-13 18:27:58" ["post_date_gmt"]=> string(19) "2021-05-13 11:27:58" ["post_content"]=> string(364) "This coffee is carefully processed from selected fine Thai coffee beans to provide full-body, rich aroma and smooth taste coffee drinks with a hint of caramel.   Direction Step1: Use 1 teaspoonful per 120 ml. Step2: Add hot water, stir. Step3:Add sugar/milk/cream as preferred   *For iced coffee, just make it richer and mix with ice" ["post_title"]=> string(90) "Khao Shong Agglomerated Instant Coffee Mixture Formula2 (85% Coffee, 15% Caramel) 360g/box" ["post_excerpt"]=> string(0) "" ["post_status"]=> string(7) "publish" ["comment_status"]=> string(6) "closed" ["ping_status"]=> string(6) "closed" ["post_password"]=> string(0) "" ["post_name"]=> string(200) "%e0%b8%81%e0%b8%b2%e0%b9%81%e0%b8%9f%e0%b8%aa%e0%b8%b3%e0%b9%80%e0%b8%a3%e0%b9%87%e0%b8%88%e0%b8%a3%e0%b8%b9%e0%b8%9b%e0%b8%8a%e0%b8%99%e0%b8%b4%e0%b8%94%e0%b9%80%e0%b8%81%e0%b8%a5%e0%b9%87%e0%b8%94-6" ["to_ping"]=> string(0) "" ["pinged"]=> string(0) "" ["post_modified"]=> string(19) "2022-07-16 00:05:50" ["post_modified_gmt"]=> string(19) "2022-07-15 17:05:50" ["post_content_filtered"]=> string(0) "" ["post_parent"]=> int(0) ["guid"]=> string(247) "" ["menu_order"]=> int(75) ["post_type"]=> string(7) "product" ["post_mime_type"]=> string(0) "" ["comment_count"]=> string(1) "0" ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" }

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