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Khao Shong Coffee Mix 3in1 Espresso (18g x 100sticks)


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“Espresso” is the most popular coffee in Southern Europe and worldwide. An art in a cup, Khao Shong Coffee Mix 3in1 Espresso is carefully and perfectly blended for a smooth, rich and real taste of Espresso. Your experience of fine aroma in a perfect cup of Espresso starts here with Khao Shong Coffee Mix 3in1 Espresso.



Step1: Use 1 stick per cup.

Step2: Add 120 ml. hot water.

Step3: Stir and enjoy your coffee.


Instant Coffee 18.00%
Non-dairy creamer 31.08%
Sugar 50.20%
Emulsifier (INS 471), Anticaking Agent (INS 551), Stabilizer (INS 340(ii))
This product contains caffeine and nature-identical flavouring.
Contains Sodium Caseinate; Milk Protein.

Nutrition Information