The origin of “Khao Shong”.

Khao Shong Coffee was founded in 1959 at the Khao Kra Shong National Park in Trang Province, southern Thailand. It began when Mr. Chira Chiralerspong, the founder, noticed that wild coffee beans were scattered on both sides of the road. He felt there must be a way to use these wasted beans. So he gathered them and started testing them by roasting in different ways to create the perfect flavour.

In 1962, he produced “Khao Shong Coffee” and introduced this perfect flavour to the market.


In 1975, he established a roasted and ground coffee factory in Bangkok, and four years later “Khao Shong Instant Coffee” the first instant coffee in Thailand using a Thai brand name, was introduced.


In 1991, Khao Shong company expanded to a new plant in Samutprakarn province close to Bangkok.

In 2012, Khao Shong has expanded the production capacity of its enterprise by the opening of a new factory under the name of Khao Shong Group Co .,Ltd. in Chacheongsao. With advanced technology facilities, our new factory is prepared to ensure the highest standard of product quality as well as sufficient supply of the products to our growing global market.



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